Friday, August 14, 2015

Spreading the TreeDawg Seed

Spreading my seed is something I've always wanted to do.  Fun.  However, I spend a lot more time dealing with the established seeds of others.

Trees are one of my biggest passions.  Collecting, pruning, studying and hugging.  I have some definite goals with my own growing collection of trees,  and some are yet to be determined.

In addition,  I manage and repair and improve trees for others but avoid hugging them.  It pains me to see how the vast majority of trees are badly managed even when most people think things are fine or they're just unaware.  I aim to make everyone's trees as spectacular as even a mundane tree can be.  Even if they look bad now, there's a good chance they can be greatly improved.

My plan for this blog is to discuss all things about trees as they come about, with a big focus on learning about tree species and properly managing what we have.  If you hang in there with me,  you can learn to appreciate trees much more than you do now.  If you don't appreciate trees now, well, then, life holds little hope for you.  Trees are your best friends and you don't even realize it.

Please forgive my punnery and use of unorthadox saucy language for my tree lovin' articles.  I assure you it's really harmless.  Just bear with me and you won't feel a thing.

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