Monday, December 7, 2015

The Terrible Trauma Trouble of Tasteless Tree Trimming

The older and pickier I become, the more I realize how badly managed most trees are.  Unless you go places where you have people taking care of them who really know what they're doing, almost all trees you see on a daily basis are a complete mess.

It doesn't help that most arborists have a terrible sense of form and proportion.  These guys should really know what they're doing.  But it would be like if fashion designers thought garments made out of potato sacks were perfectly fine.  Or if car designers thought Gremlins were the way cars should look.

There are some very basic guidelines that people should follow when it comes to keeping trees looking good, but almost nobody really gets it.  What a shame.

I'll probably make a list in another post with the ingredients of a good-looking tree.  Meanwhile, look at the trees around you and see if you cxan spot the problems.  It's a good exercise.  You can also study what makes a tree handsome based on its Mama Nature-given qualities.

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